Polyester SHCP 2719

Liquid SHCP 2719  polyester resin has the following characteristics:

Appearance                                        Clear

Viscosity at 30oC                                300 – 600mPas

Geltime at 30oC                                  4 – 7 mins

Cure Time at 30oC                             13 – 20 mins

Peak Exothermic temperature         110 – 125oC

Acid Value                                             23 – 28mgKoH/g (Styrenated resin)

Volatile Content                                   34 – 36%

Stability in the Dark below 25oC       6 month


The resin is used for making a variety of marbles with special designs and colours. The applications are for flooring, bathroom bowls, table tops, bath unit and artificial marble walls, R.T.M. and the like artificial onyx.

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